The Baz Awards

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That 60s CF Show

Here it is! After all this time! I've got up and completed the BAZ awards, which stands for Brillian And Zany (pause for laughs), and with 6 awards to give out, let's start with the:

One Week Award This award is given to sites that only appear to update once a week (if that) but still maintain their brilliance, and the nominations are:
Brunching - A weird site with a bit of everything.
Guimp - The Original smallest website in the world.
Grudge Match - Voting for the better thing.
Final Fighting Fantasy - Flash films following the FF Series.

There's some awards that you just wish to go to more than one person, but in the end re-liabilty chose the winner, and the winner is...

Now for a light-hearted award, given to someone who has made the best effort to spread the word of Jar Jar Binks.
Jar Jar Binks Award and the nominations are as follows:
Nick Murdoch
Jostein Hakestad
The Executor

I really tried my hardest not to give Nick this award, but in the end, he just done so much, so the winner...

I was going to give an award to:
Best Online Long-Lengthy Game
But there was only going to be one winner, and that doesn't look like surviving any longer, so it's forfeiteded! But we all expected a tad fault did't we? After all, BAZ is known to stand for Bad Actually Zometimes. (pause for laughter)

And now for the better more acclaimed awards, starting off with:
Best New Website The title speak for itself, the best new website, and the nominees are:
Ruined Endings

Some good nominations, but only one site offered you the chance to win a dot, and so

is the winner.

And to follow that is:
Best Website This award goes to the Best Website, with nominations coming from...
Movie Mistakes - Jon Sandys
Nivan.Net - Nick Murdoch
Stripcreator.Com - Brad
Galactic Empire.Com - The Emperor

This was a hard one to pick, actually it still is, I don't know who's won, as I write this but... there's one website that has always kept updated and even earned a brief television programme this Christmas, and so the winner is

Best Flash Film Award given to the flash film that I feel is best, and the people in the running are:
Stick Wars Episode 1 - Rob DenBlekyr
Weebl and Bob Series - J. Picking
The Phantom Dude - Rich Cando
Tales of the l33t - Chris Coutt

Good entries, Weebl and Bob managed to rule the Internet and MTV, The Star Dudes series is just great, and the other two were laugh out funny. But humour is great, great humour is hard to find, and so the winner is:

And now, the reason why you're been reading this for the past 2 minutes, winning this award puts your name in BAZ Award history (if that's a good thing), as the award will be named after the winner forever more.
Mr. Internet - Award given to person who's provided the best service for the Internet Hard work and great ideas etc. inspired these nominations:
Nick Murdoch - For services toward Nivan.Net, AFSJJBDDD Homepage, and his personal homepage.
Brad - For services towards Stripcreator.Com and In4Mador.com
Jon Sandys - For service toward MovieMistakes.Com, and coping with at least 200 e-mails a day.
The Emperor - For his services towards Galactic Empire.Co.Uk and getting nearly all of it back on the internet, after being away for so long.

I wish all four of you could win this, but in the end quantity is more important than quality, and well, he has helped me a lot with this website, and the winner of the Mr. Internet award is...(drumroll)...
ME! What? Oh ok then, I suppose Nick Murdoch can win then.

And well, that's the anti-climatic end, wasn't that fun? See you same time next year!